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Fido's Finest Rating System

paw One Paw = Clean, safe & comfortable accommodations
paw paw Two Paws = A notch above the one paw with an extra amenity or two.
paw paw paw Three Paws = A high quality property with extra conveniences, services or amenities.
paw paw paw paw Four Paws = An outstanding hotel with many extra luxurious comforts, services & amenities.
paw paw paw paw paw Five Paws = A fine hotel earns this status by taking the extra step to ensure both you & your pet have a remarkable experience.

“None are as fiercely loyal as dog people.”

– Linda Shrieves is intended to provide useful information to those who travel with their pets. The ratings are based on vast experience, but also on opinion. Please note that change of information or pet policies is inevitable. We do our best to keep information current. We welcome your input!

Fido's Finest claims no responsibility for any changes, errors or properties which do not meet expectations. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact hotels in advance to confirm current pet policies.

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